A New Breed of Music Marketing

With the huge popularity of pop music today rock bands and artists are looking towards more ways to gain exposure. In a Los Angeles Times article written by Geoff Boucher he shines a light on the new wave of marketing that artists are doing in order to land a record deal.

Jeff Pollack, a music consultant for MTV and VH1 believes, “New rock bands need to rely on continual touring, social media and music sites,” to gain exposure.  Rap, country and pop artists dominate today’s music. In fact the bestselling 10 artists for the decade were The Beatles (the biggest pop band ever!) in second place and Linkin Park (a hip-hop and rock band) came in at No. 7. Although The Beatles were an amazing band they broke up 40 years ago and it’s been difficult for new musicians to gain any sort of inspiration from today’s stream of music.

So a lot of bands are looking for more ways to break into the music industry, either through corporate sponsorship deals and tons of TV exposure, like the Black Eyed Peas have done to gain success. The days of an album having an artistic statement and meaning are dying out, because of the on-demand culture, people are wanting their music the same way. So placing a great hit song on a commercial or film soundtrack is becoming more important than creating a full-spectrum ambitious and artistic album.

Brian Canning a member of The Afternoons, a folk band that is looking to change the scene, said, “If you’re a band with one song and it comes out, it goes in some Volvo commercial and it goes on people’s iPods, but then that’s it—that’s not really what we want. We want a relationship between the music and the fans.”

The Afternoons are taking part in the new style of marketing called Music Tees based in New York. Bands put their artwork on high-end T-Shirts and their track listing on the back. The shirts sell for $40 and come with a code to download the band’s music. Some more popular artists to join in on the Music Tees venture are Mos Def and Devendra Banhart.

Hopefully this style of marketing can gain exposure for The Afternoons and similar bands who want to revitalize the relationship between music and listeners, and perhaps create a more even playing field in today’s music market.

To read the complete article check out the LA TIMES.

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