Where do YOU stand?

Ever wonder how your web presence measures up against other companies in the digital world? Today we will explore three tools that can assist with ranking and categorizing your web presence.


Klout is the self-described “standard of influence.” It’s by our own influence that we are able to create realities and dollars from dreams. Klout.com tracks Twitter data, and builds a profile of your current and potential web reach. Armed with this information, Klout.com assists you with creating content that is actually beneficial to your true readers. Klout measures “overall influence through 25 variables broken into three categories; True Reach, Amplification Score and Network Score. “

Alexa is a free web traffic site that ranks your web presence with those in the virtual world. Alexa provides a 3-month analysis of web traffic produced by your site, and allows you to compare your site against that of other companies. One drawback is, that the site data is geared towards companies generating 100k visits or more per day, but this does not prevent the company from providing ranking data.

Ranking.com is also a free web rank program. This program is designed for the reader in mind. “Since 1998 Ranking.com has performed market research upon a statistically, geographically and demographically significant number of surfers. By recording these surfers’ website visits, Ranking.com calculates the ranking of the top 900,000 (growing every month) most visited websites and provides the results to surfers absolutely free!” The home page features the top 25 pages viewed and allows readers to enter a URL to research a rank. This site too is geared towards websites with larger traffic, but affords the web reader an opportunity to learn more about new sites.

Sources: Klout.com, Alexa.com, and Ranking.com


Claudette Oatis is a staff writer for CMIS and handles
Public and Artist Relations for  Black Pearl Entertainment.

About California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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