You Can’t Touch This

Who Knew?


The internet has been abuzz since MC Hammer’s Oprah Winfrey Show visit, where it was discovered Hammer is a Techie. With the constant development of new products and apps that has spawned this technological craze, it’s nice to see that Hip Hop has a place on the digital highway and that the divide is slowly shrinking.

If you are from the San Francisco Bay Area, it is hard not to know who MC Hammer is. Having served as a batboy for the Oakland Athletics from 1973 to 1980, Stanley Burrell earned the nickname Hammer by the legendary Reggie Jackson, who thought Burrell looked like another legend Hank Aaron. Getting his grind on in the streets, MC Hammer successfully sold his music out the trunk of his car, to a record deal that would later provide legendary marketing contracts for such products as Pepsi and Taco Bell. We all have heard the story of his rise to fame and his financial topple. But using his talents as a rapper, dancer, and marketing whiz, Hammer has been able to maintain longevity in this business of music.

With a keen eye for practices that help to promote and bring awareness to his many ventures, MC Hammer uses new and innovative technological advancements in the areas of social marketing and media to expand his brand. His heavy Twitter following and hand in at least eight start ups, allows Hammer to tap into his next door neighbor, the Silicon Valley, to partner and consult on the various developments in online media content, wireless & mobile technologies, and streaming content.

The MC: Man of Christ, uses his experiences as a minister to lecture around the country at Harvard and Stanford. He also headlined the 2008 TechCrunch conference. MC Hammer has proclaimed once again, “you can’t touch this!”  Click here to view one of his lectures with the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.


Claudette Oatis is a staff writer for CMIS and handles
Artist and Public Relations for Black Pearl Entertainment.

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The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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