Eminem Product Endorsements on 2011 Super Bowl

During the 2011 Super Bowl rapper Eminem starred in ads for PepsiCo’s Lipton Brisk and Chrysler.

Eminem is a multi-Grammy winner and has millions of fans across the globe, so it’s no wonder why companies are vying to make endorsement deals with the rapper. He’s sold over 80 million records.  His last album, Recovery, was the top selling album of 2010 with over 3.42 million copies sold. With all that exposure you would think Eminem would be the first to make endorsement deals with companies. Especially when this style of branding has shown successful for artists such as Beyonce’s deal with Lorel and Revlon, and 50 Cent’s deal with Vitamin Water.

Eminem was drawn to working with both companies because he was allowed artistic and creative input for the advertisements. He even came up with the concept and script for the Lipton Brisk commercial, which revolves around his anti-ad stance over product endorsements.

Eminem’s Chrysler ad was widely received as one of the best commercials during the Super Bowl. The commercial centers around the city of Detroit’s pride and strength and showed an inspiring look at its citizens rise from adversity. Eminem, being a native of Detroit, made an appearance in the ad. A new Chrysler tag-line, “Imported from Detroit” showed the relationship between the downtrodden city and the mending car industry.

According to an Adweek.com article written by T.L. Stanley, “Those commercials are just the beginning of Eminem’s relationship with the two marketers, kicking off partnerships between the artist and the brands that will span the rest of the year and maybe longer, said his Hollywood talent agency, ICM,”

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