Adele’s 21 Set Expected to Reach Number 1

Adele’s album 21 Set is expected to reach number 1 on the Billboard Charts. While touring Adele had to move her concerts to larger venues due to popular demand. Her album has already generated over 300,000 copies and is expected to reach number 1 in America. Adele won two Grammy Awards in 2009 for Best New Artist and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Although the 22 year old England native has seen tremendous success with her music throughout the world, she is weary of fame and celebrity status.

“I don’t think I’d be able to carry on doing music if it got to that point. I don’t think it ever will — I don’t think I’m the kind of artist where that will happen.” Adele told

Some of Adele’s biggest inspirations for writing poetic lyrics are singers Jill Scott and Karen Dalton. Her music is an open book of her life, love, past hurts and dreams. Adele’s powerful voice and personality bring fire to honest lyrics. This makes her a rare and refreshing talent in today’s world of pop music.

Watch Adele’s Video “Rolling in The Deep” in the Videos Section

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