A New Breed of Rock-n-Roll: The Black Keys

The Black Keys are a rock band from Ohio and have slowly made their way into rock stardom. The band’s two members are Dan Auerbach (guitar and lead vocals) and Patrick Carney (drummer).

The Big Come Up was their debut album first released in 2002. The Black Keys had their music featured in films such as RocknRolla and television shows like the HBO show Hung.

They are known for recording their albums in (drummer) Carney’s basement. The 2003 album Thickfreakness was recorded in the basement of Carney’s home in surprisingly 14 hours. After the release of their third album The Black Keys started gaining popularity in 2004. Their recognition grew when their music started being played on commercials. Some of the advertisements The Black Keys have contributed to are Victoria’s Secret, Sony Ericsson and Zales jewelry.

The Black Keys are a band that’s not afraid of putting their name in the limelight. They’re performed on Saturday Night Live and made numerous appearances on Letterman. They’ve consistently produced high-quality albums and even released a live video album, Live, in 2005.  Since 2002 they have released 6 studio albums and 2 collaboration albums.

Their most recent album Brothers was released on May 18, 2010 and reached # 3 on the Billboard Albums chart.  The single “Tighten Up” has reached # 1 on the US Alternative charts.

Be sure to watch a live performance of The Black Keys in the Video Section.

To find out more about The Black Keys visit: http://www.theblackkeys.com/

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