Of Montreal

With the recent Grammy awards surprising choice for Album of the Year (Arcade Fire, Suburbs) and Best New Artist (Esperanza Spalding), people are talking about indie bands. Check out a video of  Esperanza Spalding in the Videos Section.

One indie rock band that continues to gain attention within the underground world of rock music is Of Montreal. The band hails from Athens, GA, just one of many artists who’ve found there stride from the southern city. The band’s music is a mix of electronic, glam and funk and their style shows in their outrageous fashion and elaborate performances.

In their long career, Of Montreal has recorded 10 albums, their most recent album False Priest is considered a masterpiece by lead singer Kevin Barnes. The album is definitely a step into a more natural direction from past albums, offering live drums and pianos and guests appearances from Janelle Monae.

Kevin Barnes, the lead singer, created the band in 1996. The band has eight members. Barnes recorded much of the music by himself between 2004-2008. Of Montreal released Skeletal Lamping in October of 2008 in a variety of formats, including vinyl, CD, T-shirts and other merchandise. The merchandise included a digital download for the album. Skeletal Lamping became number one on emusic’s Most Downloaded Albums Chart.

Like many artists of today Of Montreal have lent their music to numerous commercials and companies, Outback Steakhouse, T-Mobile and the hit television show Weeds. Marketing their music in this way has broadened their fan base and continues to increase their popularity with music critics across the world.

Of Montreal is a band that isn’t afraid to take their music to new heights. The lyrics are typically gloomy and lonely but their melodies are often upbeat. It’s an interesting take on music, one that has garnered a lot of attention from the media and music fans. Their  style has changed over the years from indie-pop, indie rock, psychedelic pop, funk and other influences, but they continue to make intriguing music.

Watch Of Montreal’s Video Suffer for Fashion in the video section!

To find out more about Of Montreal visit: http://www.ofmontreal.net/

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Jerrica Lewis is a Staff Writer for CMIS.

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