Anna-Marita-CMIS 2011 Performer

Ann-Marita is a Norwegian born modern country singer. Her music is diverse and creative and sets her apart from other country artists. Her music is a reflection of her life experiences and is evident in her 2007 album Intuition.

Ann-Marita grew up in a small town on a farm in Norway so her country roots run deep. When she was a teen she began writing her songs and performing music in venues around the world. Ann-Marita toured with an international band on cruise ships in Europe as the lead vocalist. This experience led her to Hollywood where she received the “Most Outstanding Vocal Student” award from the acclaimed Musicians Institute.

Ann-Marita  had a record deal early on in her career but eventually realized the deal was a scam. All to often, new artists have problems signing a legitimate record deal. REGISTER FOR CMIS to get advice from music executives who have valuable experience in the industry.

Ann-Marita talent didn’t stop there, she continued to write songs that reflected her feelings about life and began working with some of Australia’s top musicians. Her first single, “Face In The Crowd”, released through Comstock Records, hit # 4 on the European Country Music Association airplay charts in Scandinavia, the U.K., and Austria.

Ann-Marita wants to reach a wider audience and says this of her music“…when someone tells me that they were moved by one of my songs, – even though they wouldn’t normally listen to country music, I know that I’ve hit the mark,” (

Find out more about Ann-Marita!

Watch Ann-Marita perform her single “State Line”!

Jerrica Lewis is a Staff Writer for CMIS.

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