Mitchell Koulouris: CMIS 2011 Speaker

Mitch Koulouris-CMIS 2011 Speaker

Mitchell Koulouris is the Founder and CEO of Gigatone Entertainment and on the Board of Governors for the GRAMMY’s. He is also one of CMIS 2011 speakers!

Gigatone Entertainment is an entertainment company focused on music and video productions. Some of the artists represented under Gigatone Entertainment are:

Koulouris has extensive experience working with technology. He worked with Microsoft for many years and credits that experience to helping him to “think big and to never miss an opportunity to identify new markets and exploit emerging opportunities,”

Through out his lengthy career Koulouris served as the Co-Founder and CEO of Digital Musicworks International, Inc. (DMI).  DMI is the world’s first all-digital, full-service music label. According to Mitchell Koulouris was personally responsible for quickly growing DMI asset base to over 1.4 million tracks of music and 5,000 hours of video content.

With technology being such an all-pervasive medium in today’s society Koulouris saw it as a way to make artists music more readily available.

He says, “After listening to and studying the artist community for years, it’s clear that there is a strong opportunity to deliver more value to both artists and consumers alike by embracing and building upon the digital download format,”

This format leaves the artists with greater creative control, more flexibility in music release and benefits the fans, because of the fast process of digital distribution.

Koulouris believes, “there’s some outstanding music out there that deserves to be heard,”

We at CMIS couldn’t agree more! California Music Industry Summit is dedicated to spreading the word about independent artists throughout the country and beyond.

Register for CMIS to Support Indie Artists and Network with Industry Leaders!

Find out more about Gigatone!

 Jerrica Lewis is a Staff Writer for CMIS.

(Information obtained from and Celebrity

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