Five Useful Apps

When the iPhone began expanding its app store, it changed consumer lifestyles for both professional and recreational usage. This week we will look at 5 apps that any musician, new or experienced, should download right away.

1. SPL by Studio Six Digital

Musicians are concerned about exposure to high sound pressure levels. The sense of hearing is priceless so maintaining the health of your ears should be considered. This SPL app allows you to see how loud you are in the studio or even on stage. Similar software’s start at $50 but at the app store its only $5.99

2. BeatMaker by Intua

Beatmaker is a full-featured sampler and beat producer for both recorded and live use. Also, it allows for editing and manipulating audio. This has never been done outside of stationary digital audio workstations. There is a large, studio-quality sample library with 16 trigger pads and audio recording capabilities. Exporting songs as .wav files for use in professional recording software are another great feature. You can find it at the app store for $19.99 and the quality is equal to the standard professional grade software.

3. GigBaby! By ioMetics

This app is recommended for the frugal musician. At 99 cents, you can’t find a 4-track recorder, metronome, simple drum machine, and setlist manager, all in one. GigBaby! even allows you to share and sync your recordings with others who have downloaded the app. It’s a free transfer option available on their website.

4. RTA by Studio Six Digital

RTA (Real Time Analyzer) lets you see what frequency ranges are in your audio. This can be applied to mastering, correcting weird sound recordings, or enhancing the live show sound experience. This has been reviewed as the most accurate RTA app. The $9.99 price at the app store is a small price to pay for this type of app on a handheld device.

5. StudioApp by Krasidy LLC

StudioApp is a 4-track recorder & sampler that makes passable recordings on the go. All it takes is a plug-in mic and it’s ready to use. Along with your purchase, you receive monthly updates for no additional charge. It even comes in two formats. For $8.99, you can receive the full version, which includes these updates. You can also download a free version, however there is a limited recording time and fewer samples.

Story Contributed by CMIS Staff Writer N.M. Solomon

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