Fallen Sputnik CMIS 2012

The 2012 California music industry summit will feature the panel Touring in 2012: Are You Ready?. One of the panelists will be Fallen Sputnik, a producer who performs using MIDI controllers and programs such as FL Studio and Ableton Live.

More about Fallen Sputnik taken from his website:

Dennis Borisov, better known as Fallen Sputnik has been making quiet a bit of noise in the techno/electro music community for the past few years. Although many consider Fallen Sputnik to be a “DJ” he never considered himself that since the first time he started working with Digital Audio Workstations 4 years back. Fallen Sputnik does not use CD‘s during his live show but instead uses custom programed MIDI controllers that send signals back to array of programs that Fallen Sputnik uses for his live performances such as FL Studio and Ableton Live.

Fallen Sputnik started to be noticed in the music scene when he initially dropped a remix of a popular Katy Perry songHot N Cold“, which grabbed the attention of his first label that he currently signed to, Vio Mobile. Vio Mobile and Fallen Sputnik work together on bringing the latest techno/electro songs on most popular mobile devices, such as newest smartphone, digital stores and tablets.

Few years later Fallen Sputnik was also discovered by a club label by the name of DavidDance Records which Fallen Sputnik is currently signed to as well. DavidDance is European based record label concentrating on different aspects of club music, Fallen Sputnik releases tracks through them on constant basis to keep pushing techno/electro music frontier forward…

The latest project Fallen Sputnik has started is a radio station that started broadcasting in mid 2011. Top 40 On The Rocks Radio covers large area of interests, starting with news and politics, going all the way to celebrity gossip, artist interviews and latest in tech and media.

Come to The California Music Industry Summit 2012 to learn more about Fallen Sputnik’s experience touring the UK and gain valuable knowledge about performing live in the new music industry.

For registration please go to: http://cmis2012-eorg.eventbrite.com/


Story Contributed by CMIS Staff Editor and Writer Delia Mendoza

About California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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