Changing the Conversation From “I” to “We” – Including Your Fans in Social Media

You’ve seen the guilty culprits on Facebook news feeds and Twitter updates. The telltale signs are their statuses or tweets – “Check out my new song” or “I’ve uploaded this new video to YouTube“. These are not isolated incidents either. Every update seems to have the same subject – the artist themselves – and sends the same message to the fans – that the artist is only concerned about pushing their own music on social media.

While this certainly should be a main concern with any artist promoting themselves online these days, an essential component to the promotional mix is being missed – engagement with the fans. People want to connect with you as a person, not just your music. Here are some tips to ensure that you include your fans in your status updates or Tweets.

  • Open up the conversation! Ask your fans questions. What do they think about your music? What would they like to see more of? Besides gaining valuable insight into your fans needs, your fans will be delighted to share their opinions with you.
  • Don’t just post things about your music. Post articles about things that are happening in the industry, funny memes, or celebrity gossip. While you don’t want to make this the focus of your updates, some of this peppered in can translate into your fans sharing your statuses and retweeting, thus driving traffic to your social media and facilitating new connections.
  • Excite your fans and call them to action through contests and giveaways that thank them for their support.
  • Are you a maverick in the studio? Do you know a specific technique in production? “Tips and Tricks” are a great way to both promote yourself and help your fans out with their own projects. It’s also a great way to pay it forward.
  • Show a more personal side and allow your fans to get the complete story. Start a personal blog about your music and share it on social media. Post pictures and videos of you out and about or at shows or in the studio. Your fans crave information about you and the more you give the more likely their support will strengthen for your music.

The key takeaway from these tips is to not just post a link directing them to check out your new music or videos – but to open up a dialogue that supports two-way communication. No one wants to be felt that they are just there for a sales pitch and all that you care about is their pocketbooks. While links to your new music and projects are a great way to focus attention on your music, constantly pushing only links to your music seems like thats your bottom line, which can lead to fans ignoring you. Mixing the subjects of your social media statuses up will include your fans in the conversation and help increase your popularity on these sites which will translate into more sales and more bodies in the door for your shows.

What ways have you found to be helpful in your music promotions? Please share them below. Also, for more helpful insights into social media promotion attend the 2012 California Music Summit for the newest trends in online promotion. Check out the workshop schedule here:


Article contributed by CMIS 2012 Staff Writer and Blog Editor Delia Mendoza

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The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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