Self-Promotion: The Ultimate EPK Recipe

Every artist who intends to take it to the next level needs a solid package to market themselves to labels, managers, and agents. The standard way to do this is through an Electronic Press Kit or EPK. EPKs come in various formats, such as PDF, Powerpoints, Word Documents, DVD, and online hosting (such as or Reverb Nation).

Reverb Nation – RPK –

But what exactly should go into an EPK? The California Music Industry Summit is happy to provide you with a list of things that should go into a standard EPK. The list is by no means exhaustive, but the general rule with EPKs is to keep them simple and concise. Below is a list of suggested parts:

1. Logo

2. Photos – One to two 8×10 group shots one black and white shot is the industry standard. Photos should reflect your music, personality, image, etc. Good quality prints are essential because these are used for press releases and promotion. Make sure you retain the copyrights to the photographs from the photographer.

3. Cover Sheet – This will be something that can be typed up depending on where it’s being sent – i.e. A & R reps, press, booking agents.

4. Contact info/booking info – Includes a separate contact page and a business card to package with CD.

5. Bios – Information about the band or artist. Perhaps what got you guys together, influences, a couple of facts about each of you, gigs played, and any other facts about the yourself or your band you feel should be included.

6. Fact sheet about the band – hometown, instruments, contact info

7. Reviews/Press/Quotes from industry – Reviews of albums and shows, any articles written about the artist/band, quotes from people regarding band/music.

8. Press releases

9. Industry resume – this is helpful for things such as bookings. Includes bio, info about band, list of clubs played at, live events, album releases, and a short one paragraph history of the band.

10. Discography

11. Equipment list –  A list of equipment the artist/band currently owns, include specifications such as wattage for amps etc.

12. Demo – Select three of your best tracks, or list tracks and highlight ones that should be listened to.

13. Lyric sheet

14. Gig sheet – list of previous/upcoming shows

15. Promotional Material – Examples of flyers of promotions you use to promote shows. Agents and labels want to see that you promote yourself.

16. Endorsements – any companies or products that you officially endorse with an official endorsement agreement.


About California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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