2012 California Music Industry Summit is Here!

The 2012 California Music Industry Summit (C.M.I.S.) is offering an exclusive look into today’s trends and practices. Not only does it provide short-term guides for current trends, but it will also assist with your individualized long-term goals. Within two days, a multitude of topics will be covered. On Friday, there is a unique workshop centered on women. The Women Making History in Music panel is an exclusive C.M.I.S. offering that is necessary for such a male-dominated industry. Women have made significant contributions to music history and continue to make strides in today’s market. Later that day, Mobile Marketing workshop focuses on this new selling trend. Apps, viral videos, and ringtones have proven to be vital in the visibility and expansion of any artist’s career. Artists such as Karmin, T-Pain, and Gotye are evidence of this new mobile marketing phenomenon. Saturday is also jampacked with one-of-a kind activities. From Gaga to Skrillex focuses on the new electronic dance sound that has captivated the globe and enticing all artists from all genres to create such sounds. It will also give you the secrets of knowing when to jump on the bandwagon and when to exit. The Next Level is a panel that is also instrumental to any artist’s success. It will assist you with music & product placement. Brand new artists are releasing their music to various ad campaigns without their album even being released yet. Also, established artists that never took part in ad campaigns and endorsements are now participating for the first time. Bad, Bold, & Wiser Apps is a panel that will help you save time and increase productivity. Companies are releasing apps just for recognition. We will filter these apps and showcase what really works and what will maximize results.

With any array of activities, the 2012 California Music Industry Summit (C.M.I.S.) is an event that will prove to be salubrious to anyone involved in a music-related profession.


Contributed by CMIS 2012 Staff Writer N.M. Solomon

About California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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