Giving indie artists the chance to learn, network, grow and shine!

The spirit, the grind and the appeal of independent music have become more important than it ever has been. In the last few years, the balance of power in the music industry has shifted greatly from mainstream music labels to many other players, especially independent artists that have become more business savvy and creative, as times have changed. Indie artists ranging from Karmin to Gotye have made serious waves in mainstream music, without being directly connected to the mainstream music machine.  Gone are the days when an artist that wants to make waves needs to wait around for any kind of label to hear their music and seek them out. Now an artist has so many marketing and promotional tools at their disposal, from YouTube and Vimeo to SoundCloud, Tumblr and Instagram. All of these tools and others can be put together in a cohesive, focused marketing strategy that will allow for important and direct exposure to fans that indie artists have always needed.

But there’s another great tool that artists from all over the country can take advantage of that might be just as important as any social network or promotional platform that they can use: the music conference. That’s what makes the California Music Industry Summit 2013 so important and so powerful. It gives independent artists from all backgrounds, all genres and any and all parts of the country the chance to not only let their music and their voices be heard, but also the chance to take advantage of an amazing opportunity for music education. With all of the tools that CMIS 2013 will offer to artists, from exclusive one-on-one mentoring to informative workshops, panel discussions with industry leaders and music critiques, artists are given the chance to receive their own personal 3-day session in music business education.

So to aspiring artists: the time is now and the chance is right in front of you. Register now at for California Music Industry Summit 2013, and you may just be the next great indie music story to emerge in the mainstream!

About California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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