Legendary rock band to release their next project independently.

Last Thursday it was reported on by website contributor Hisham Dahud that the legendary rock band Metallica would be releasing a live DVD/Blu ray music project to fans and consumers. But there’s a difference with this new project: for the first time, Metallica will be releasing music independently, not being connected with any major music label. Having been connected to the major music industry for so long and having so much success in it, this announcement may come as a shock to some fans of the group.

Having released a statement to the public on the new project, Metallica says that they are still in the process of developing a name for their new music label as well as for their upcoming project, but that they are also excited that they will be calling all of the shots with this new live music project.

Major label artists going independent, or at least just stepping away from major labels, is nothing new to the industry, as evidence by artists like Prince being one of the first artist to embrace the Internet, as well as Madonna and Jay-Z leaving their major situations to make deals with Live Nation. Some of the latest examples of this trend continuing are bands like Blink 182 leaving Interscope Records and Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler discussing the possibility of releasing music independently with Billboard magazine.

So it’s important to ask, as is done in the piece on are these departures by major artists from labels like Interscope and Columbia a sign of the times in that more artists of this caliber will be moving towards a future where they release music independently? And if so, can we expect major labels to adapt to what is happening so that they can stay alive and kicking in the future?

One thing from this story is for sure: independent music has many eyes on it now, and it has come under a microscope more than it ever has. And the term “independent music” doesn’t simply bring about visions of struggling artists at your local coffee-house or open mic night. It’s becoming all-inclusive of artists from different background and who have had varying levels of success.

Does a major music institution like Metallica signal a sea change for both major and independent music? Only time will tell for sure.

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