6a00d83451b36c69e2017c341a291c970b-800wiRecently on the very informative music business website, an article from author Allison Sharpe from the music website and marketing platform Bandzoogle detailed some of the bet ways that artists and musicians can increase their revenues by investing in multiple streams of income.

Ms. Sharpe talks about the fact that artists in the current day and age don’t simply have the luxury of pressing up CD’s and putting music on their website to make a living. And she’s right. The fact is that there’s tons of new music and artists out in the world, which makes it harder and harder for up and coming artists to get noticed. Which means that artists and musicians have to be more crafty and savvy than ever when it comes to making money from their music.

Ms. Sharpe uses the analogy of a tree, basically saying that the tree has many branches and has to be tended to and pruned on a regular basis that will allow it to flourish and grow, and realize it’s greatest growth potential, with each branch representing a way that an artist can potentially make money. Even better, included in the article is a link to 42 ways for an artist to make money.

Overall, this is a very important read for any artist, but especially those that seek to go the independent route with their music. With our economy in a continuous state of uncertainty, it’s vital that artists and musicians find the best ways in which they can make a good living for themselves.

Check out the link to the full story on

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