Music and social media are now forever linked. With so many outlets for artists and fans to become more and more engaged with each other through both mainstream and niche social media outlets of all kinds, there can be no doubt that music has and will become more and more social and sharable that it has been in the past.

Artists are able to post and share music, videos and other content to their fans in a matter of seconds on YouTube, Vimeo, Soundcloud and a ton of other outlets. Fans are fast becoming the critics, journalists and bloggers of the current day by being able to comment on and share this music in real-time. So music is something that more and more cannot be confined and conformed the way it has been in the past.

2013 promises to be another year in which music and social media continue to converge and trends continue to emerge. A great recent article that puts this fact into perspective is from Music Think Tank entitled “4 Emerging Trends In Social Media and How They’ll Impact the Music Industry.

The article details four of the biggest trends that will have an effect on music this year and beyond and specifically discusses issues including  ‘the Internet of Things(referring to the connection between physical products and the Internet), increases in mobile adoption, multi-channel engagement and how social media outlets are becoming more and more social and video-based. Here is a link:

4 Emerging Trends In Social Media and How They’ll Impact the Music Industry

More trends in social media for musicians and artists include using free social media listening tools to their best advantage. These tools include Google Alerts, HootSuite and TweetDeck, Social Mention and Topsy. Furthermore, fan engagement tool Adva Mobile relaunched last week with a newly redesigned site and, where mobile sites are HTML5 based and viewable on any device and can be wrapped and distributed as native apps for iOS and Android via iTunes and Google Play.

Also, artists at all levels will more than likely continue to create their own music apps for the purposes of fan engagement. On Hypebot.com, there is another good article on the potential of how artists can do so:

The Potential of Product-based Artist Apps

The great thing about so many of these apps and trends is that there is so much information out there about them, but that also can be a hindrance. So it will be increasingly important for artists, especially and those that are going the independent route, to focus on what they hope to achieve when using and building these tools, as well as how each will be of the most benefit to them.

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