The diversification of the music industry continues every day, with new ways to listen to and discover new music and new artists, as well as more ways for artists to let fans find their music and get money from doing so.

Bands – The Game”, an app created by Berlin, Germany based startup New Tracks, is one such app. Apparently looking to help level the playing field even more between independent and major musicians, Bands looks to deliver on the promise of helping artists be able to see revenue from the sales of music tracks and virtual goods, that revenue then being split with the artists’ labels.

In an interview with Dotted Music, NewTracks founder David Brock talked about the specifics of the game and what it entails for bands: “The gameplay itself consists of mixing in-game skills like guitar solo, bass solo or drums to match the crowd behavior. We are not trying to compete with Rockstar’s “Guitar Hero”. We want to do something different with music.”

Some of the features of “Bands” include the following: a live chart of top performing bands among friends and the gaming community, artists being able to upload their own songs for inclusion in the “Bands” roster, where their success can be tracked through the live in-game charts, and players of “Bands” being able to track progress of fellow players within the game.

“Bands – The Game” looks like it could potentially be a new tool for independent musicians to find another way to make money in an industry that is changing its business model daily. With uncertainty looming large in music today, indie artists must find new ways to keep their careers alive. Maybe new apps like “Bands” can help in doing that.

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