Hip Hop music and culture have been a cornerstone for youth expression and movements for years now. From Rhode Island to Russia, from Tel Aviv to Texas, Hip Hop has become the voice of youth in so many ways, be it filled with raw revolutionary fervor or pristine commercial appeal.


But youth haven’t always been included in what has become a necessary tool for artists growing and cultivating their own careers, as well as a tool for learning and teaching: the music conference. Oakland’s own California Music Industry Summit is about to change all of that, with the inaugural Youth Hip Hop Battle, featured at this years’ edition of the CMIS on Saturday, June 15. This is a chance for young people age 14-17 in high school to hone and display their greatest skills in Hip Hop music for all attendees of the 2013 California Music Industry Summit to see. These youth will be able to submit the best of their music on http://tramaientertainment.com/Registration. From those submissions, 10 young artists will be chosen to battle for 1 minute and 30 seconds and put on display their most top notch lyrics, wordplay and rhyme skills. All youth that submit are automatically registered for free all access badges to attend the music conference on the closing day of the conference.


CMIS strives to be a positive and inclusive voice in the community through music and education, and teaching people about the ins and outs of the continuously evolving music industry and music business is a paramount responsibility that CMIS takes very seriously. With the introduction of the new Youth Hip Hop Battle, CMIS will continue to that tradition by encouraging youth to be as creative as they can through the music, the message and the culture of Hip Hop.


This will be an amazing chance for youth in our community to use their creativity and their minds to make a positive impact through music. And it will also be a great chance for adults that want to support those youths to do just that. All interested youth only need to step up to the mic and to the challenge! If you’re a young person ages 14-17, visit http://tramaientertainment.com/Registration by June 3 for your chance at Hip Hop excellence!



About California Music Industry Summit

The California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) is TraMaí Entertainment, Inc. newest entity that is inclusive of all music genre's.
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