#CMISummit will be watching | #BRUNOMARS #SUPERBOWL XLVIII – FEB 2, 2014

Bruno Mars’ response on The Super Bowl XLVIII blizzard weather predictions: “Everyone’s saying it’s going to be cold, and this and that,” says Mars. “I’m like, ‘I’m gonna go for it.’ … You gotta be fearless, man.” ~Bruno Mars, as quoted in “How Bruno Mars Got The Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Gig”

SOUND OFF >> Which team will YOU be rooting for? The #Broncos or #Seahawks?

May the best team win and may Bruno rock out The Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime!

#CMISummit will be watching | #BRUNOMARS #SUPERBOWL XLVIII - FEB 2, 2014Photo via Twitter/pepsi

~CMIS Staff

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CMISummit | #BrunoMars made FORBES 30 under 30 List…

Bruno Mars is simply everywhere these days, with 2 Platinum Albums, 2 Grammy Wins, 18 Grammy Nominations, and about to perform on America’s biggest stage–The Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show–he and his team are on “FIRE.”

CMISummit Associate Producer, Tomeka Napper, loves Bruno; and “believes he’s truly the “ELVIS” of our generation in the 21st century, with his “big band” style.” This perhaps could be true, for he has captivated America and the world with his SEXINESS and SMOOTH VOCALS. However, no matter one’s opinion, whether you love him or not, CMIS is clear; Bruno Mars has earned his right to be on that Super Bowl stage, Sunday, February 2, 2014 on FOX | 6:30p EST (tonight). He has paid his dues as a songwriter and artist. Performing during the Super Bowl XLVIII Halftime Show is just one of the many places, having a passion and hard-work can land you.

For those who have dreams and aspirations of being a huge star like Bruno, or being among those who manage a team like his and others; CMIS encourages you to keep taking strategic actions towards your goals for this…Bruno’s success…could one-day be you, depending upon how well you nurture your talent and business in the present moment.


“You gotta be fearless, man…” ~Bruno Mars | Photo via FORBES/30under30

Check him out here on FORBES |30 under 30 List

~CMIS Staff

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Bruno Mars – Treasure [Official Music Video]

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Join us for our  4th Annual Summit

Empowering Artists & Entertainment Professionals

cmis 2014 conference flyer*******IMPORTANT DETAILS*******

  • Friday, June 13, 2014
      • Kickoff – Artist Showcase Performances, 6pm/PST 
      • Location: The Stork Club
      • PICK UP – SUMMIT BADGES at this location, 6pm to 8pm

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW at www.cmis2014.eventbrite.com.

FYI: EARLY BIRD TICKET SALES will end on Friday, February 22, 2014 at 5pm/PST. Early Bird ticket orders will NOT be processed after this time.

Cheers to another great CMIS annual event. See you there!

~CMIS Team

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ATTENTION: Fourth Annual California Music Industry Summit Re-scheduled for 2014


We are announcing that The Fourth Annual California Music Industry Summit (CMIS) scheduled initially for June 13-15, 2013 has been re-scheduled to June 12-14, 2014. The dynamic challenges within the current economic climate of the entertainment industry have significantly impacted sponsorship goals and opportunities. TraMaí Entertainment decision to reschedule the conference is based on the desire to produce an event that we feel is of the highest quality that the music industry within the city of Oakland, CA deserve.


CMIS has experienced great support from the public and businesses alike over the past three years, and while producing the event this year was a priority for TraMaí Entertainment – every avenue was explored – there was no solution which would result in a quality event that would live up to our expectations, and the expectations of the hundreds of people who have enjoyed CMIS the past three years. TraMaí Entertainment wishes to thank all our current sponsors and exhibitors for being so patient with us over the past few months, and want everyone to know that we will be in touch with you regarding 2014.


When TraMaí Entertainment set out to produce this focus-driven summit, our goal was to deliver a dynamic conference that would provide a forum for creative people to connect and cultivate professional relationships that can last a lifetime!  TraMaí Entertainment has not wavered from that goal; re-scheduling the event at this time preserves that vision to ensure that the attendee’s needs and expectations are met effectively. We are here to serve you.


TraMaí Entertainment and CMIS would like to apologize to everyone who has planned on attending this year’s summit, We understand this maybe an inconvenience to some due to timing and we hope that your unimpeded enthusiasm will return with CMIS for 2014.


Please note that all purchased non-refundable tickets will be valued next year in 2014 for admission. Please retain your confirmation email.


Should you have any questions or concerns, please email all correspondence to info@tramaientertainment.com or call 510.500.3652. All inquiries will be answered within 24 to 48 hours.




Tracy L. Reed

Founder / Executive Producer

California Music Industry Summit


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In just a few weeks, independent music artists, businesspeople, students and many more types will converge onto Oakland, CA to attend the 2013 California Music Industry Summit. If you’re one of those types that sees an opportunity but is still on the fence as to whether you should attend or not, then it’s clear that your time is running out. But just in case you need that little extra push, here are five great reasons to attend CMIS and start on the path to successfully educating yourself about the music industry:



1.     Priceless Networking Opportunities – That’s what it’s all about in the music business: who you know and who you can connect with. CMIS 2013 will be the perfect place to do just that!


2.     The chance to discover new independent music talent from across the country and the world – New artists with great new music in one space together, working hard to make their dreams come true and to give music fans exactly what they want. What more could you ask for?


3.     Experienced, successful and motivational speakers – From Chairman and CEO Dr. Robert Fraser to sought after vocal coach Robert “Raab” Stevenson, the speakers for this years’ even promise to be informative and inspiring!


4.     Valuable and educational panel discussion and workshops on pertinent topics – Information is key in today’s music industry and at CMIS 2013, there’s sure to lots of knowledge gained on some of today’s hottest and most pertinent music topics.


5.     The newly announced Youth Hip Hop Battle – Just confirmed for this year, the Youth Hip Hop battle will give young people to display a level of creativity and talent that is certain to take CMIS by storm.



These are only a few of the many reasons why attending CMIS 2013 for any artist, music business professional and those aspiring to be successful in either field is a no-brainer. Just think about it: your success in either of these fields could very well start with your attendance to this summit, and you’ll be able to look back one day and say that CMIS was the beginning that put you on the road to music industry success.



Don’t hesitate and don’t delay! There are only a few weeks left. Attend CMIS 2013 from June 13-15 and start on the road to your ultimate music success.


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Hip Hop music and culture have been a cornerstone for youth expression and movements for years now. From Rhode Island to Russia, from Tel Aviv to Texas, Hip Hop has become the voice of youth in so many ways, be it filled with raw revolutionary fervor or pristine commercial appeal.


But youth haven’t always been included in what has become a necessary tool for artists growing and cultivating their own careers, as well as a tool for learning and teaching: the music conference. Oakland’s own California Music Industry Summit is about to change all of that, with the inaugural Youth Hip Hop Battle, featured at this years’ edition of the CMIS on Saturday, June 15. This is a chance for young people age 14-17 in high school to hone and display their greatest skills in Hip Hop music for all attendees of the 2013 California Music Industry Summit to see. These youth will be able to submit the best of their music on http://tramaientertainment.com/Registration. From those submissions, 10 young artists will be chosen to battle for 1 minute and 30 seconds and put on display their most top notch lyrics, wordplay and rhyme skills. All youth that submit are automatically registered for free all access badges to attend the music conference on the closing day of the conference.


CMIS strives to be a positive and inclusive voice in the community through music and education, and teaching people about the ins and outs of the continuously evolving music industry and music business is a paramount responsibility that CMIS takes very seriously. With the introduction of the new Youth Hip Hop Battle, CMIS will continue to that tradition by encouraging youth to be as creative as they can through the music, the message and the culture of Hip Hop.


This will be an amazing chance for youth in our community to use their creativity and their minds to make a positive impact through music. And it will also be a great chance for adults that want to support those youths to do just that. All interested youth only need to step up to the mic and to the challenge! If you’re a young person ages 14-17, visit http://tramaientertainment.com/Registration by June 3 for your chance at Hip Hop excellence!



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No matter how far technology takes music away from it’s analog roots, one thing that seems to be irreplaceable is the live music show. And attendance at live music events is as big as it has ever been, with companies like LiveNation, TicketFly and StubHub taking the lead in streamlining the ticketing experience, large scale festivals like Coachella, Banaroo, Outside the Lands, Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, SXSW and many more making the festival experience into something to be cherished for years to come, and local venues around the country experiencing a resurgence in live music events. And one of the latest ventures to try taking the live music experience directly to the people is WeWantShows.com.


 A new project created by Matt Sparks, Musician, Developer and Designer from Lexington, KY, WeWantShows.com allows artists, musicians and band that want to communicate about and give information on their shows the chance to go on the open source website and choose from a total of over 160 cities and do exactly that. One of the most interesting and somewhat risky parts is that participants do not have to create an account or log into the site at all to be able to share or receive information, which is supposed to allow for easier use of the site. With a tag line of “Helping Bands find & trade shows”, this could be a new way for professional musicians to communicate with each other, network and share information about the most important way they make a living: the live show.


WeWantShows.com seems to be the latest in a long line of sites that is helping to make music much more D.I.Y. and open source, much like websites like SoundCloud and Bandcamp allow artists to sell and distribute their music on their own. Could it be possible that We Want Shows can potentially be the SoundCloud or Bandcamp of the live show? It’s still very early to tell, but if the company is able to build a substantial foundation of capital and buzz among artists, there’s not telling what may be able to happen.



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It’s no secret that Spotify is the premiere social music platform throughout the world. True, it has direct and indirect competition from many outlets, but for all the company has done to create a certain mystique and folklore about itself, as well as aligning itself with the world’s premiere social network, Spotify is the social music tool that everyone is still talking about. And because of that, Spotify’s power and influence continues to grow exponentially.


Reported last week, Spotify has acquired Tunigo, a music discovery application that searches Spotify’s library and playlists. Tunigo will apparently be adding news, new releases, and an advanced music player to Spotify’s current platform. Tunigo also has a Spotify iPhone app and reportedly also already raised a total of $3 million in funding.


So what does this all mean? Well, mainly, it means that the music discovery has officially been crowned the new battleground in the industry. It used to be music labels that were slugging it out trying to gain the biggest slice of the pie. But things shifted away from labels a long time ago. Now, the fight is over who can provide the most convenience, the greatest experience, and the most value to music lovers. The companies involved in this new music battle royal include Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, iTunes, Slacker, Shazam, and more companies that we’re probably yet to even hear of.


But with the purchase of Tunigo, Spotify has once again given itself a distinct advantage that will give the company the upper hand over it’s competitors, at least for the time being. This new age battle for music supremacy is far from over and will definitely get more interesting as time passes.


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Eventbrite, known now as a major outlet for self-service ticketing, has raised $60 million in funding led by efforts from Tiger Capital Management and T. Rowe Price. The company’s total funding is now $140 million. This follows very rapid growth by Eventbrite, with a total of $1.5 billion in gross sales of tickets.


Why is this important? Mainly for two reasons:



1.     Eventbrite’s success is merely a drop in the bucket compared to Ticketmaster, but it’s success has but the ticketing behemoth on notice that it may have some direct and substantial competition in the near future.



2.     The company has sold over 100 million tickets in 179 countries, making for very rapid growth in the last few months alone.


In terms of actual events, Eventbrite gives creators the opportunity to create and manage many different kinds of events, from conferences and sports to performing arts and fundraising events. But of course, in this new sharing economy, this is very important to the D.I.Y. music artist of the 21st century. We can be sure that from the 100 million tickets sold, a good majority of them have probably been to independent concerts and music festivals.


And beyond just that, people who attend these live events, especially events that a music and entertainment centered, are looking more and more to share these events with their friends, family, colleagues, co-workers and anyone else that’s important to their life. The fact that a person or group of people can actually create an event, set a price for it, manage it and take it their own hands to make it successful feeds right into being able to share that event and its success with others. Moreover, a company like Eventbrite that gives supporters the chance to actually create and manage events gives an almost direct contrast to Ticketmaster, which merely tells customers how to purchase tickets and where they can use them.


As important as Eventbrite has become to independent music and artists, it will likely only continue to grow and thrive. It will be interesting to see where it goes from these current successes.



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The diversification of the music industry continues every day, with new ways to listen to and discover new music and new artists, as well as more ways for artists to let fans find their music and get money from doing so.

Bands – The Game”, an app created by Berlin, Germany based startup New Tracks, is one such app. Apparently looking to help level the playing field even more between independent and major musicians, Bands looks to deliver on the promise of helping artists be able to see revenue from the sales of music tracks and virtual goods, that revenue then being split with the artists’ labels.

In an interview with Dotted Music, NewTracks founder David Brock talked about the specifics of the game and what it entails for bands: “The gameplay itself consists of mixing in-game skills like guitar solo, bass solo or drums to match the crowd behavior. We are not trying to compete with Rockstar’s “Guitar Hero”. We want to do something different with music.”

Some of the features of “Bands” include the following: a live chart of top performing bands among friends and the gaming community, artists being able to upload their own songs for inclusion in the “Bands” roster, where their success can be tracked through the live in-game charts, and players of “Bands” being able to track progress of fellow players within the game.

“Bands – The Game” looks like it could potentially be a new tool for independent musicians to find another way to make money in an industry that is changing its business model daily. With uncertainty looming large in music today, indie artists must find new ways to keep their careers alive. Maybe new apps like “Bands” can help in doing that.

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